CB Sales & Rentals, Inc.  is the most recognized and respected name in property management at Smith Mountain Lake. With age comes experience and we’ve been around since 1992. Being one of the oldest and largest property management companies, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We understand the value of your time, money and most importantly, peace of mind is when it comes to finding the right company to manage your rental property.


Vacation Rental Management


Owner Packet Documents are available for your review; however, please contact the rental office at 540-297-7000 for the most current documents.

2014 Vacation Rental Owner Contract 

Bedford County Short Term Application for Rental

Vacation Rental Spring Cleaning Checklist

Vacation Rental Home Unit Requirements

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

Important Reminders Sheet

Vacation Renter’s Guest Confirmation

Vacation Renter’s Guest Contract

Why Choose CB Sales & Rentals?

Below are some of the many reasons to choose CB Sales & Rentals, Inc.as your property management company. If you would like any further information on our rental program or would like us to forward you an Owner’s Packet, just let us know. Rest assured, we will be here for you every step of the way!!!

How can we benefit you?

  • New in 2012, Owner Loyalty Program which rewards you for renting your home with CB Sales & Rentals, Inc. by reducing your commission rate 1% every year for upto 6 years, all the way down to 17%!!!
  • New in 2013, We’ve partnered with VRBO and Homeaway so your properties are listed on major search engines, free of charge!
  • Extensive web site including virtual tours, numerous photos, descriptions, and property availability listing which offer potential renters 24-hour access to reserve your property.
  • Our full color brochure featuring photos, full description, prices and amenities of your property is distributed to over 25,000 prospective renters by mail and local businesses annually.
  • Our aggressive internet marketing campaign includes top ranking positions on most major search engines.
  • We employ a professional, curtious, and fully trained staff who understand the need to match each renters special requirements to the perfect home which will create the most memorable stay for their vacation.
  • Your home is assigned one housekeeper for the entire rental season so they become familiar with your home and can inform us of any missing or damaged items.
  • Strong owner contact and owner satisfaction is our hallmark: Daily notification of bookings, itemized monthly statements and monthly printouts of advanced bookings keep owners informed about future income dollars.
  • We regularly advertise in more than 50 publications including the Washington News Post, Smith Mountain Newcomers Guide, and are active members of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce which generates thousands of leads yearly.
  • Owners are e-mailed weekly updates of tenants comments and suggestions from your renters so you know what they enjoyed about their stay and ways to improve your home to make it more appealing next season.
  • Owner’s Login on our website allows owners to track rentals and available dates online.

Long Term Rental Management

 There are many benefits to using CB Sales & Rentals, Inc. as your long term rental management company.

  • We screen potential renters with a credit check as well as a reference check.  The credit check shows us their payment history. If  a prospective renter pays other people on time, it is likely they will pay us on time. This keeps your home producing income and weeds our unreliable tenants. The reference check allows us to find out any issues their past landlord may have had, and keeps us alert for any red flags.
  • While you may be sympathetic to a renter who is having trouble making their rent payments on time, we are bound by Fair Housing laws, and must fully enforce the renter’s duty to pay their rent on time, without exception. Renters are more likely to ask for extentions from individual homeowners than they are from a management company.
  • If you do not live in the area, keeping tabs on your property may be difficult. We only manage homes in the Smith Mountain Lake area so we are able to do inspections at your request to ensure that your home stays in the proper condition while you are renting.
  • We are able to market your property to a much larger audience, which will help it get rented quicker and less expensive than having to take out ads in the local paper.
  • We deal with the showing of the home. This means you do not have to open your home up to people who have contacted you off internet advertising sites who may not be qualified to rent the home, or may have ulterior motives.
  • We handle all contact with the renter. When they have a maintenance call at 2am, they call us, not you.
  • We have very detailed leases with our tenants, so there is no gray area if they do not hold up their end of the lease.  We have never lost a court case against someone who has broken the lease. We handle all the legal procedings for you as your agent.

Below are the documents for long term property management for your review.  Please contact our rental office to make sure you have the most current copy.

Long Term Property Management Contract

Residential Lease Packet

Disclosure of Brokerage Relationship

Rent Payment Policies

Please let us know if you would like us to schedule an appointment to take a look at your home.

Visit us at our sister site www.smithmountainlakevacationrental.com.